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100% safe and environmentally friendly?

While other rejuvenators claim to be 100% safe or 100% environmentally friendly, we won't do that. Why? Because nothing is really 100% safe or environmentally friendly. Take for example, water. Water is safe and environmentally friendly but in the form of a tsunami it certainly isn't. I think you get the point. That's why we like to stick to the facts. Our product was rated by the USDA and was certified to be 90% bio-based which is better than any other product on the market today.

Greener Shingles soy based solution isn't completely environmentally safe because we're dealing with asphalt and asphalt requires certain penetrating qualities to actually penetrate the shingles. So, be careful when other products on the market claim to be made with 100% plant based materials, they very well may be, but they won't rejuvenate your shingles properly. The trick is to find the sweet spot, a solution that penetrates the asphalt and is as bio-based as possible, that's what makes Greener Shingles the most effective rejuvenator available in North America.

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