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Do You Have Solar Panels on Your Aging Roof?

The cost of roof replacement is well known to be one of the most expensive realities of being a home owner. The cost of taking off your solar panels, replacing your roof shingles and then getting the panels put back on is a daunting process for any home owner and they feel it their wallet more than anything.

In some cases, homeowners are told they cannot get solar panels installed because their roof doesn't have enough "life" left. The aforementioned "life" refers to the amount of oil in the shingle and the subsequent granule loss that is inevitable when there's no oil left in the shingle.

The oils in roof shingles are essential. The oil keeps the shingle flexible which makes it able to withstand the expansion and contracting that a shingle goes through during the heating and cooling of the day. The oil also helps retain the top granule coating and keeps those little rock granules in place. If roof shingles are too far gone, meaning the oil has already had a chance to dry out, the end of the shingles are already curling up, the granule is piling in the gutters and the failed shingles have lead to leaking, then the shingles are past the point of qualifying for shingle rejuvenation. The goal is to rejuvenate the shingles before they have a chance to dry out, this is usually around the 8-10 year mark.

No matter if you have solar panels on your roof or not, Greener Shingles dealers can rejuvenate your roof by covering and applying our product under and around the panels. In most cases the shingles underneath the panels are better off than the exposed shingles because the sun hasn't had the opportunity to dry them out as fast.

If you are considering installing solar panels on your home or already have solar panels on your roof, shingle rejuvenation is a great tool to have in your pocket to save you a ton of money and time from replacement. The shingle rejuvenation industry is disrupting the billion dollar roofing industry because homeowners are realizing they have more options. It used to be that the only option was to replace your roof shingles but that's no longer the case. Shingle rejuvenation, much like maintaining your vehicle with motor oil, is an essential process to ensure you get the most out of your roof shingles. Roof maintenance and shingle preservation is a low impact way to ensure your homes greatest asset is well taken care of and at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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