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Lab Testing and Research

Roof rejuvenator coatings a.k.a. roof maintenance treatment or simply rejuvenators have a long history of limited use in the asphalt roofing industry. Initial use was limited to conventional hot-mopped built-up-roofs. Over the years, there have been attempts to restore/maintain rejuvenated asphalt shingle roofs.

In the most recent times, asphalt rejuvenation has gained national focus in the paving industry. In response to the enhanced focus, a number of new technologies have been introduced. Some of these products are advancing the rejuvenation/restoration technologies and are hypothesized to exhibit efficacy in the asphalt roofing industry.

Roof maintenance treatment used to be a relatively new concept to most homeowners but now homeowners are looking for alternative ways to save money and extend the life of their roofs.

Greener Shingles roof rejuvenation spray solution is available through independent dealers across North America. These dealers are trusted home services providers that add this sought after product/service to their businesses. In most cases Greener Shingle dealers are home service providers like gutter cleaners, roof repair or roof cleaners, window washers, power washers and the occasional handy man service. The application process is pretty simple but is slippery when applied and requires a trained professional to applicate properly. Homeowners can expect to see at least 5 years of life added to their asphalt shingles after each application.


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