Want to add shingle rejuvenation to your existing home service business

Q: Is this a franchise?

A: We are not a franchise, we set up dealers/applicators with protected areas and supply them product with no additional fees.

Q: Is this product patented?

A: No, and no such patent exists. The Greener Shingles formula has been used for the past 15 years on asphalt roadways and was the number one asphalt rejuvenator in the USA in 2019 for asphalt and has been adapted to rejuvenate asphalt shingles.

Q: Do I need to be in the home service industry to become a dealer?

A: It is suggested that you have existing business. Most of our dealers are in roofing, power washing/soft-washing, roof repair, etc businesses with an existing customer base and years of experience in the roofing/soft washing industry. 

Q: How do I inquire about becoming a dealer and adding this product to my business? 

A: Simply give us a call or fill out the form on the home page, then we will send you a dealer information packet and provide more information


Canada: 1-877-537-8686
USA: 1-844-543-3456


Fill out the following form and we can schedule a phone call to learn more about you and to see if you're a good fit to add this service to your business and become a dealer for Greener Shingles.

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We have a several dealer testimonials in the works from home service professionals that are now offering Greener Shingles asphalt shingle rejuvenation to their clients. For now, here are some kind words from one our dealers. The video footage in this video is Sean's crew on a large roof in Canada.