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How the Application Process Works

When you contact Greener Shingles or one of our independent dealers for an estimate, we will use satellite imagery to measure the area of your roof and give you a free quote. From there, the dealer will schedule a contactless roof inspection to see if the roof qualifies for rejuvenation.

This first step to add years of life to your roof shingles is to make sure that your roof qualifies for rejuvenation. Our network of independent dealers will qualify the roof by conducting a thorough inspection, in some cases roof shingles are past the point of preservation and will not qualify for rejuvenation.The dealer will judge the age, condition, amount of granular loss, edge curling and overall how much the roof shingles have dried out. They will take pictures of any items of concern found during the assessment, like pooling, soft spots or leaking at the seams that can be caulked with basic repair. Before applying the Greener Shingles rejuvenator, the dealer will perform a roof tune-up of the entire roofing system, with focus on the flashings, the most leak-prone areas and ready the roof for rejuvenation.

The application is quick, clean, safe and usually taking less than two hours.

The applicator will spray each shingle once over with our concentrated soy bean oil based rejuvenator. After that, the solution does the rest of the work. Greener Shingles was specifically designed for roof shingles. Shortly after being treated the shingle will absorb the solution, restoring shingle flexibility, waterproofing protection and granular adhesion.

Greener Shingle's solution is a USDA Certified 90% Bio-Based product that is safe if accidentally sprayed on anything around the house including plants. In most cases the applicator will simply rinse off any areas that may have been misted with water.

Our dealers have helped thousands of homeowners preserve their roofs and successfully extended the time they would have to replace their roof shingles. If your roof qualifies for our process - our network of independent dealers can extend your roof for at least another 5 years.

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